LDS Collectors Library 2005 brought to you by LDSmedia and Deseret Book is chock full official Church information. It contains the full Journal of Discourses, Times and Seasons, Millennial Star, Elders Journals, and well as the writings of the Latter-Day Prophets, Apostles, and General Authorites. It's a great resource for information that you can trust.

Deseret Book is the "official" book store for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. I was surprised to see that they carried books containing historical data about the Church history that we are not exposed to in Sunday School, Seminary, and Institute. (See Recommended Reading)

The "official" Church website. It has a large library of articles from the Church publications (Ensign, Friend, New Era and Conference reports). Unfortunately they only go back so far.

 An excellent Christian Apologetics site by Josh McDowell.  Great information on why you can be sure the Bible is translated correctly.  Has many resources and information. They also have inexpensive copies of a booklet of scanned pages from original source material.    

WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT? Scanned pages of original Mormon historical sources, such as the first edition of the Book of Mormon, Journal of Discourses, and rare 19th century Mormon newspapers and diaries, that document the Adam-God doctrine, prophecies of Joseph Smith, the various First Vision accounts, etc.